Putting Myself First

Have you ever been so enamored with someone that you didn’t realize they weren’t loving you the right way? I don’t know if it was me being consumed with the love I had for him, or the fact that I was relieved that I was actually able to love again after my previous relationship. I […]

Moving On, Literally.

I have literally deleted this line over 5x while deciding if I should continue to post about my personal life on my blog. I received so much positive feedback about my vulnerability in my post “I’m not broken”, but that was really hard for me to write. They say once you write it down – […]

I’m Not Broken

Moving to California was his idea, but I was fully supportive and excited about a brand new environment. I loved it here when I moved here, but I was stressed out beyond belief with no real friends, family, and only my boyfriend (at the time) to lean on. I spent almost everyday praying for the […]